The EnCHANted LASHbook features 20 pairs of 3Dmink lashes. The band on these lashes makes for an easy application. This product is apart of our Christmas Collection and is the perfect gift to yourself or someone else who buy lashes. Imagine buying 20 pairs of mink lashes at their normal price of $10-$12. That would equal $200. Our lashes are not meant to break the bank. We strive to provide product that are affordable and worth your money. We believe we have excelled our goal with this product. 

the EnCHANted LASHbook

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  • Return Policy

    Due to COVID-19 and the rising cases. We have made the decision to make all products final sale and non-returnable. This is to protect not only you and your family, but our family as well. This policy is only temporary and will be lifted once COVID-19 has ran its course. We apologize for any inconvience that we may have caused at this time. We hope that each of you who choose to purchase from EnCHANted Cosmetics understand this policy at this time.

  • Important information about this product

    These are NOT magnetic lashes or self-adhesive. This product requires the use of some type of lash glue to adhere to the lashes, We recommend the DUO Lash glue that may be purchased at your local ULTA, Walmart,  or most beauty stores. 

  • CARE & Application Instructions

    These lashes can be worn more than once. If you follow our care guide you are guaranteed to get the most benefits out of our lashes. 

    1. NEVER pull the lashes from your eye

    2. Be sure to use some type of oil to release the glue. We recommend Coconut oil.

    How to apply: 

    *Measure the lash strip to make sure that it does not need to be trimmed down to fit your eyes. If the faux lash strip does need to be trimmed, trim away a little at a time and measure it against your eyes until it fits. If the faux lash strip does not need to be trimmed, Proceed to  follow step 1-4.

    1. Apply mascara to your natural lashes

    2. Apply a thin strip of lash glue to the band of the actual lash strip, avoiding getting glue on the actual hairs of the lash.

    3. Allow the adhesive to dry & become tacky (30 seconds)

    4. Take a pair of tweezers and apply it right above your natural eyelashes being sure to avoid getting the glue into the eyes or on your natural lashes. 


    If adhesive gets into the eye, it may irritate it. Be sure to rinse eye under cool water for 1  minute. 

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